Beef Jams Debut C2E2 Social

Beef Jams was fresh off the griddle and ready for Chicago at c2e2 - check out some photos from the show.


~to buy a copy of Beef Jams Tournament Edition, clink the link above~

Table partners in small time crime:

Greg & Fake - @gregandfake

Marc Koprinarov - @crambackward

Brian Mead - @madebymead

John Bailey - @nanodeath

JB Roe - @mortcrimpjr

Beef Jams Tournament Edition Debuts at c2e2


Beef Jams Tournament Edition is a full color 46 page anthology comic featuring a ragtag group of Basketball Playing Long Haul Truckers and their off-the-court hi-jinx, led by their All-American Mascot, Phylo the Cheeseburger.  Phylo is joined by smut philosopher power forward, Axel Suede, feral old tymey prospector point guard, Big Run, and vaping Romeo center, Cheef Chaw.  Read along as the truckers “travel” their way in to your heart in this all new comic with their "foul" behavior!  


Here's a rundown of some of their adventures in the book:

  • Phylo the Cheeseburger is challenged on his USDA Grade A status by the BEEF COUNCIL.  Phylo must prove that he is untainted and 100 through three distinct feats of beefery.
  • In T-SHIRT CANNON OF MASS DESTRUCTION Phylo steals a powerful weapon from the mascot of the military industrial complex. Beef on the lam.
  • Barry the Bookie Centaur drags Phylo on an epic quest, but Phylo feels more like the third wheel in BOOTY CALL.
  • Remember when newspapers had Sunday Comics? We do too. Four news strip style BEEF JAMS SUNDAY FUNNIES.
  • Planet Earth is set to collide with the planet Nibiru, but Phylo has been chosen as our planet's champion to beat an alien baller 1 on 1 for Armageddon in SUPER BEEF JAMS 2K6
  • Cheef Chaw is climbing a mountain choking on vape clouds to create his own destiny in CLIFFHANGER QUEST
  • Junior cheeseburgers are juvenile delinquents pranking "Unca Phylo" in 3 NEPHEWS INNA FOUNTAIN
  • Axel Suede smokes under the night sky and pontificates on balls in SMUT PHILOSOPHER
  • The truckers are down 1 with 1 second left in the game, call TIMEOUT

At the show we have some exclusives for the fans that turn up


I highly recommend the BEEF JAMS GUIDE TO FLAT EARTH

Here's the schedule at tables L6/L5:

FRIDAY - Poems While You Wait will be poeming at our table from 2-5pm

SATURDAY - Brian Mead, artist of BEEF COUNCIL, is signing comics and his exclusive Beef Jams Print from 1-3pm!

BEEFJAMS print  C2E2.jpg

SUNDAY - Challenge Greg to a chess match and LOSE!

The best basketball comic in the world in the best basketball town in the world.