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Published by Bogus Books

Published by Bogus Books

Beef Jams Tournament Edition

"Both teams played hard." - Phylo the Cheeseburger

Now we all know drinking is better than reading, but sitting down with Beef Jams Tournament Edition is the closest you'll get to watching Space Jam when you're drunk. Join Phylo the Cheeseburger and his team of long haul truckers as they "travel" across the country displaying their "foul" behavior.  The largest Beef Jams comic of all time! Featuring all your hedonistic favorites like Barry the Bookie Centaur and Smut Philosopher Power Forward, Axel Suede.

This anthology comic features art by Grammy Nominated Benjamin Marra, Jim Terry, JB Roe, Brian Mead, Greg & Fake, Aaron Pittman, David Alvarado, Eric Roesner, Odin Cabal, and John Clark Bailey Jr.

Published by  O, MIAMI

Published by O, MIAMI

The Fast and The Orpheus

"The Fast and the Orpheus is a book of poems written by Han and rescued from the wreckage of his RX-7 by Dave Landsberger just before Deckard Shaw sets it on fire." - P. Scott Cunningham

The Fast and The Orpheus is a zine of poems and illustrations inspired by The Fast and The Furious movie franchise exploring the undeniable popularity and accessibility of the films. The poems embrace the franchise's themes of family, death, responsibility, speed, and identity while speaking in the voices of the film's characters in addition to the voice of the moviegoer who struggles to contextualize the excess of the films in a mundane and brutal reality. The zine was designed and illustrated by Noah Levy and published in conjunction with the 2 Poetry 2 Ferrari project during O, MIAMI 2017.

Published by  Jai-Alai Books

Published by Jai-Alai Books

Suicide by Jaguar / Suicidio por Jaguar

"A remarkable first book" - Campbell McGrath

"Reading Dave Landsberger’s debut collection Suicide by Jaguar is, as the title suggests, like voluntarily being devoured by something beautiful and powerful under bizarre circumstances. " - Ariel Francisco

Suicide by Jaguar is the debut book of poems by comic creator and sales professional Dave Landsberger. Containing both unapologetic love poems and sincere elegies to wild animals, Suicide by Jaguar foregoes irony and other strategies of evasion in order to engage the extremes of human emotion. Landsberger is as unafraid to address the process of gentrification as he is to celebrate the small joys of late capitalism, bending classic forms such as terza rima and heroic couplets into contemporary diction. Published in a unique bilingual format, Suicide by Jaguar also contains Suicidio por Jaguar, a Spanish-language version of the book translated by J.V. Portela.

Published by  BOGUS BOOKS

Published by BOGUS BOOKS

American Nature Presents #1

"American Nature is Mad Magazine by way of Chester Brown's Yummy Fur or Kieron Dwyer's LCD...considering the vibrancy and vitality of this work, I'd be first in line should they expand to their own series or even a mere collection of past work." - Comic Book Resources

American Nature is pretty much the Wu-Tang Clan of Comics, and American Nature #1 is AMNAT's "Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)". Anchored by the flagship story BEEF JAMS, featuring Phylo the Cheeseburger and his team of basketball playing truckers, American Nature #1  also features stories by comics professionals Benjamin Marra (Vigilante Girl Gang), Ze Burnay (Witch Gauntlet), and Ralph Niese (Mediokrates).



Whoa, Yeah, Baby is chapbooks of poems about Lil Wayne, South Beach, Burger King induced existentialism, kicking ass, the meaning of life, driving really fast in sportscars, constellations, animals dying, heartbreak, heartbreak, and heartbreak.