What if we all could ascend

and be the love we wish to have?


What if we decided in this moment it’s possible

in this forever community sitting on rented chairs?


If I can be the man you all hold in your hearts—

lovely as the levity inside my bride’s eyes—


maybe any feat is possible?

If I can be more than a man and impossibly depersonify,


recast myself as this embodied moment

to be bouyant inside the eyes of a hundred loved ones—


we walk among earth flailing to anchor in passion’s treasured moment.

These eternal seconds whistle with the songs of our descendants—


waiting for us to gather in their small arms

this one-thoughted love will bring us more eyes to levitate within


We revel in the triumph

of the impossibility of forging a community,


the ridiculous business of renting chairs!

If our love could ascend


and be the constant wish to our ancestors that toiled to provide, if, only if!

We sit amidst four trees feeling the greatness of our families


forever boys and girls inside our bodies

chittering in the handles of our August garments winding up to celebrate


if I can be the man you hold in your hearts

I will take you inside of mine


my bride’s eyes levitate with our lives before us—

I can’t look away.